I Read The News With New Eyes Today And It Changed Absolutely Everything


A famous music artist promises to deliver a plethora of new songs within the near future that only select fans will hear.

Preliminary results indicate a man leads a Presidential election with 56.44% of the popular vote.

Blood seeps into the sidewalk cement as a woman is beaten to death because people mistook her for being a man.

A prominent group of people inch closer towards becoming a sovereign state amidst the turmoil of war within their geopolitical borders.

Construction by a group of men who share a faith in a deity begins. They are building homes for the homeless and destitute.

A writer creates a satirical piece without understanding the definition and rich history of satire.

The cries of a baby boy stop as his mother finishes purposefully drowning him in a bathtub.

While conflicted, a beautiful young woman chooses her career over settling into a relationship.

As a group of boys walk to school, they pause to hurl racial epithets at a homeless veteran.

Readers leave racist, violent, and hateful comments on an article that demonized another group of people as racist, violent, and hateful.

A train transporting people to a major city gets stuck in a two hour delay.

Frustrated with their lack of employment and job prospects, a group of young men gang rape a woman on her way home from a minimum wage job.

A wife beats her husband when he loses his job knowing that he’ll never have the courage to report it.

In order to protest his government, a man modifies his automobile to spew black smoke into the atmosphere.

Employees within a government health institute accidentally discover a deadly disease with a 30% mortality rate unguarded on a storage shelf.

Sitting on a plane heading across the ocean, a teenager has no idea that he will soon be beaten by police for lawfully protesting the death of his cousin.

An organization centered on economic literacy releases a report indicating that students who are good at math are not adept at financial literacy.

Two best friends that are officers of the law lay next to each other on the side of the road. One is dead and the other is quickly bleeding out from a bullet wound in his side.

A woman with a questionable job drugs a man’s drink while flirting with him so she can steal from him later.

With little to show for it, a major tech company decides to shut down its first attempt at a popular social network.

Fans weep into their sports drinks as their beloved sports team loses to unexpectedly talented competition.

Migrant workers begin construction on a fence to keep citizens of the same country from crossing the border illegally.

Chefs reveal a new recipe that combines a popular cut of pig, fruit, and alcohol.

The head of an intelligence agency leaves office and takes up a job working for a major financial institution.

Laughter fills the air as a group of children play games with imaginary rules in a public park.

On his death bed, a man who dedicated his life to the service of his country donates his entire estate to the government on the premise that it is used as a national heritage site.

A young girl holds her dying brother in her arms. She cries into his chest that has been perforated by bullets.

After finishing a sketch, a man looks back on all his artwork since childhood; he realizes that practice does indeed make perfect.

Twitter trends, if shortly, with a hashtag calling for the death and annihilation of a specific gender.

Unbeknownst to each other, two young adults both write online articles detailing a sexual encounter between them that they immensely regret.

With the best of intentions, a young woman decides to major in economics with the intention of using money to change the social stigma around men’s abuse shelters.

With no father in his life, a teenager turns to the internet to learn how to become a real man.

An election that was predicted to be a landslide victory for one party instead turns into a race that is too close to call.

The sound of glass hitting glass fills a bar as four veterans come together over a beer to remember a friend who was lost in battle.

Shame and horror fill a teenager’s heart when they discover they accidentally sexted a picture of themselves to a family member instead of the intended recipient.

Good things happened to people today.

Bad things happened to people today.

I am ignorant of it all.

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