I Shine Brighter With You


Dawn will always break, they say
You make sure of it every time
You’re the sun that always rises

In fact
You shine twice as brightly, too
And make all forget there ever was a night

Look on the bright side, they say
You guarantee everyone sees it too
You’re the match that lights the lantern

In fact
You’ll bring out the mirrors, too
Multiply the light and banish every shadow

Beyond the stormy seas there is land, home, they say
You bring good tidings every time
You’re the dove with the olive twig

In fact
You carry people and animals, too
And make it seem the ship’s already docked

There’s a silver lining to every cloud, they say
You prove it every time
You’re the golden boy that always seems to find it

In fact
You find the weakness in the clouds, too
And rip them apart at their seams

Be like him, they tell me
You radiate happiness all the time
You’re everything that’s right in the world

In fact
You’re simply perfect
And make it seem so easy to be

But I’m not like you, I try to tell them
I don’t know if I ever can be
If you’re the Sun, I’m Polaris

If you’re a flame, I’m a raindrop
If you’re a dove, I’m a gull
If you’re a storm-breaker, I’m a rainmaker

They don’t think I’m trying; they dislike me
But I don’t live for them, do I?
If you are theirs, I belong to

The traveler in the night
The drying dying forest
The lonely sailor bound to sea

The parched desert nomad
And who knows?
They might just love me.