I Should Have Swiped Left: 11 People Relive Their Most Cringe-Worthy Tinder Moments


1. “I accidentally swiped right on my ex. We matched, which she took to mean that I wanted to get back together. I had to low-key break up with her all over again. It was horrible.”

— Jacob, 23

2. “I work at a really popular bar in town, and one night this guy kept insisting that he knew me from somewhere. He grilled me for information, asking where I went to school, if I went to his gym, etc etc. Eventually he realized that we had matched on Tinder and I had never replied to his cheesy pick up line. Cut to: 20 minutes later, he’s still there and asking why I don’t have a sense of humor because that pick up line was ‘fire.’”

— Veronica, 25

3. “I arrived at a bar for a first date with this really cool guy from Tinder only to find him already on a Tinder date. He had double booked assuming one of us wouldn’t show.”

— Bailey, 22

4. “I matched with a girl who immediately used clues from my profile to find me on Facebook and message me there. Literally Steve Buscemi dumping a bucket of ice cold water on me couldn’t have turned me off as quickly as that did.”

— Daniel, 24

5. “I came across my step-brother’s profile one night. He had several bathroom selfies on there, as well as a really classy shot of his boner. No one should see that side of their sibling. Ever.”

— Gaby, 25

6. “I matched with this girl I went to high school with, so I tried to be silly and messaged her, “Hayyyy Watson High Class of ’09! What up??” It was not the girl from my high school.”

— Terrence, 24

7. “I unknowingly matched with my roommate’s ex. Didn’t find out this out until I brought him back to my apartment at the end of the date. She was on the couch in sweatpants watching Long Island Medium when we strode in mid-make out.”

— Cindy, 21

8. “I met this 21-year-old guy who seemed really chill. He was in college, majoring in business, on the swim team. I wanted to meet up for drinks, but he suggested a midday coffee to take the pressure off of a first date, which I thought was really sweet. He had a really busy class schedule, so we decided to grab coffee on a Saturday. About halfway through the date, I started to get a weird feeling about him. Long story short, he was a very mature looking 17-year-old. He couldn’t meet up during the week because he was in high school.”

— Sierra, 23

9. “Immediately after sleeping with this girl, she turns to me and says, ‘Sooo, we’re clear this is just a Tinder thing, right? I have a boyfriend.’ Couldn’t get her out of my apartment fast enough.”

— Ryan, 23

10. “After chatting on-and-off with this guy for a few weeks, I decided I wasn’t really into him and unmatched (okay, I ghosted). Guess who my server was a week later? It was the most awkward dinner I’ve had with my parents in my entire life.”

— Hannah, 22

11. “Literally ran into an old Tinder date that didn’t work out while on a Tinder date. Tried to convince my date that I really don’t do this very often, but she was obviously not convinced.”

— Tim, 22

12. “As I’m saying goodbye to a guy I had just hooked up with, he thought it would be cute to smack my ass and whisper ‘Swipe Right.’”

— Lisa, 36