I Still Save A Spot In My Heart For My Ex-Man


To anyone with a broken heart,

Our relationship was more than just a month but left me hanging for so long, longing for something, someone I don’t know…him maybe?

All the promises and future plans have vanished after one night, one phone call. I thought this relationship gonna last long, I had put all my effort, my heart and thought into this one guy and there he was, broke my heart after my birthday, saying that he needed time to think over our relationship after just about 3-week long distance relationship.

Is it the emptiness or the pain from bottom of my heart which makes me feel like nothing matters anymore?

As time goes by, I feel that it is completely fine to let things happen naturally, let it be the way it supposed to be. You have the right to feel hurt, to feel like it is the end of the world, but hey let’s just mourn for a while and get a grip of whatever it is, you should be the person that only you can count on and collect the broken pieces of your broken heart. There are still many wonderful things await you ahead.

Do you know that things happen for a reason? If somebody wants to leave you, no matter what holds their feet, they would leave eventually in the end.

Holding on to something which is not yours would just be reluctant happiness and my dear friend, you should understand that.

I know just-over-a-month relationship could not be considered as a very long term but hey, I did and still do treasure every moment we have had. A relationship could not be judged by just the length of it, it really depends on how much effort you invest yourself into. That’s what really matters.

A spot for my ex-man has been reserved, at the bottom of my heart. I know that my feelings for him are gone and there’s nothing could mend our relationship but every happy moments of us are still there, I do not let any hatred overflow me, I want to keep a pure little happy feeling if by chance we accidentally bump into each other in the future.

You need to understand that there are million of relationships that could
go wrong in this world, you might find the right person but at the wrong time and vice versa.
There no need to rush for another relationship after your broken one, you need time to heal your soul, time to treat yourself nicely, better than before.

Brushing your hair, dressing up nicely for once to make you feel like a lotus rising from the mud, faking up a smile even though broken pieces scatter you from inside.

Find something that makes you feel busy all the time.

It could be hanging out with friends for drinks, coffee or travelling. Just anything that keeps you from thinking about “the one who should not be mentioned”. Trust me, it is going to hurt you for a week, a month, a
year maybe, really, it depends. Don’t worry too much, you still have your beloved ones surround you that for some reasons you have taken their presence for granted. Here is a chance for you to catching up things with your dear friends and family members. Being single for a while could be a perfect time for you to build your career, defining yourself once again, to live your passion, socialize more and live righteously.

Cheer up my dear.