I Think You Will Always Be A Part Of My Story


I have written so much
of you that if you
piece every syllable,
every word, every phrase
on the lines of my palms,
you can see the silhouette of
your eyes,
eyes that show a glimpse
of the depth of your soul,
the deepest part of you
your lips,
lips that could kiss away
the monsters of my daydreams,
kiss away all my secrets and
all my mistakes tucked under
my sheets and under my bed
your hands,
hands that could caress my
scars and bruises and
heal them, heal them with
the gentleness of your
whispered embraces
your heart,
heart that could love
even the roughest edges
of my broken bones, love
even the darkest trenches
inside me
I have written so much
of you,
it is as if you live and
breathe and thrive in
every syllable,
every word and
every phrase
I have written so much
of you
and I still haven’t had enough.