I Thought I Just Wanted You For One Night, But Now I Might Want You Forever


We met when summer had just begun. Summer was all over the place, like all of our clothes on that first night. Passion was overwhelming. You took me and brought me to places I had never been before. Your hands were everywhere and my body was just something you were not willing to let go. The people around us were slowly disappearing and all I could see was you. All I wanted was you. Even if just for one night.

I went home and still you were all I could think about. I went to bed at 7 am on an anonymous Sunday morning and woke up a few hours later with the urge to see you. So I did it. I went to your house. Thirty minutes later I was standing in front of your door, holding breakfast for two and showing a scared smile. While I was waiting for you to open up the door I realized I had never gone back to anyone.

I had never done it because one night stands are very likely to stay one night stands. That’s it. You turned out to be the one because you have never been a one night stand. You made the difference from the beginning. On that first night we have spent hours talking and when I was about to go home you told me something I would never forget.

“I could have never imagined to meet someone like you in a place like this.”

And I thought to myself. I could have never imagined to meet someone who makes me so hopeful regarding future. We met when summer had just begun and now you are the one I see myself with in the future. And maybe future only means tomorrow but it means a lot to me to picture you by my side making it throughout the night together.

We met in the most unexpected of the days. On that night, I remember, I didn’t even want to leave home. A friend of mine forced me out of my cave. And I met you. In a club. I could have just talked to anyone else and had some meaningless night but I did not happen. I met you. I like to think we were meant to happen. You meant more than anyone else.

You meant more because you were the one I wanted to have breakfast with the following morning.

We met when summer had just begun. Nothing could have been more perfect. Yes, we met in a club and it was a crowded one but still the only thing that mattered was you. I could not see anything else. All the other people didn’t matter. It has been months now since our very first meeting and you are still the only thing that stands out from the crowd.

We met when summer had just begun. Summer is now about to end and you are still there. You are here. We are here together.