I Thought I Knew What Love Was But Then I Met You


I met you, and I didn’t realize how much
one person could change what I see in love.
And, I think it is pretty insane even just to think of it honestly.

I remember when I first met you.
Our awkward conversations as we got to know each other,
they were ones that lasted all day long.
We spoke for days, and weeks, hour on end.
We never seemed to have run out of topics to talk about.

I always spoke to you, not because I have no one else to text.
But because you called out to me,
YOU were the only one I wanted to talk to.
No matter what our conversations were,
just being able to talk to you, that’s what mattered.

I found myself staring blankly like an idiot at my phone,
just to wait for your name to pop up on my screen.
Sound horribly desperate? I know.

We grew so comfortable with each other.
Never would I have ever thought
I could be that close to someone within such a short amount of time.
Our late night calls, our games of truths,
the football matches we’d watch together over call.
And boy am I glad we go for the same team,
because I can’t imagine how many debates we’d had over whose team was better.

I’d stay up all night just to talk to you.
When I talked to you, I was myself. I felt like myself,
I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t,
even if it meant revealing my flaws.

Not long after, You and Me became Us.
I thought I knew what love was.
You know, just being able to unconditionally love another human being,
having another person that is ever so important in life.
Having someone that will constantly be there,
having someone to share the joy of life with.

I thought I knew. But I was wrong,
you made me realize there is so much more to it.

Love is the many things you make me feel.

You bring out the best in me,
you make me feel motivated every day.
You always believe in me
even at times when I don’t believe in myself.
You always remind me that you love me,
and that you’re there with your arms wide open,
ready to conquer whatever life sends our way.

You tolerate my stupidity and when I’m annoying,
and we can have fun just joking around all day.
You always know what’s on my mind,
even when no words were spoken.

You make me feel ever so lucky to have you in my life.

You make me feel like there’s so much to look forward to in the future.
When we talk about the future, it just seems so real,
and I just know we can achieve so much together.

When we’re together, everything just fits,
you make me feel alive, and make me a better person.

You make me feel like even if the world was to end today,
that’s okay, because I have you with me, and everything will be alright.

You make me feel loved like I’ve never been before.
You accept and unconditionally love me for who I am.

You make me feel ever so happy,
and ever so glad to have someone like you in my life.

When I see love, it’s more than just having another human being in my life.
When I see love, it’s having someone that makes you feel ever so happy.
But when life gets tough, they’ll be there.

They’ll fight for you, they’ll stick by you, and they’ll never leave.
They’ll put you before themselves.
They’ll bring out the best in you.
They’ll love you.
They’ll love you no matter what.

You changed my perception of love.

Now when I see love, I see everything that I love you for.
When I see love, I see everything you make me feel.
When I see love, I see us.
When I see love, I see you.

And that’s why, I love you.