I Tried To Capture The Essence Of El Clásico In A Single Post


As I’ve said before, soccer is the best sport nowadays. Soccer has brought us many emotions during the games that we’ll always remember. But there’s one game that paralyzes the whole world for 90 minutes. The greatest match between soccer clubs: El Clásico.

It’s not just another game where you simple support your team and you don’t care if you miss a moment from it. It’s Real Madrid against Barcelona. The two best teams of the world face each other in a game that usually decides a title for them. Real Madrid has won three more Clásicos than Barcelona, but Barcelona has won more Clásicos than Real Madrid in the last 10 years.

No matter if you’re a Madridista or Barcelonista, every time those two teams play against each other adrenaline is rushing through your veins. You start to feel confident that your team will win and you scream and shout Hala Madrid! or Visca Barca! (depending on which side you’re on) and you start screaming at the other team. You can’t just sit on your couch and watch the game because it’s just so amazing that you need to be standing up close to your TV. Or if you’re on the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium or the Camp Nou, you’re screaming and you just can’t believe you’re going to watch the game at the stadium.

So now the players come to the pitch to warm up and you’re like “SHIT!!!!!!! MESSI! RONALDO! BALE! INIESTA! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!” and you keep screaming louder and louder to support them, ‘cause that’s the way you’re telling them: “I’m here to support you!” Even if it’s the warm up you’re just too anxious for the game to begin. Your face starts getting hotter and hotter and you just can’t keep still on your sit, so you stand up and drink a beer or a coke and suddenly you’re appearing on TV so you say hi and think it’s one of the best days of your life. The warm up ends and the players go to the tunnel and you’re like “Jesus Christ please make team win the match!” Finally the players come to the pitch. You listen to the anthems of the teams and you sing it like you’ve never sung in your life.

If you support Los Blancos then you’re like “OMG THE BBC!!!! HALA MADRID!!!!!”

If you support the Azulgranas then you’re like “THE MSN!!!! VISCA BARCA!!!!”

The referee starts the game and now your team is playing and you’re so tense that every time someone tells you something you scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” to that person. And then, the moment you were waiting for, your team scores a goal. So you scream “GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!! RONALDO!!!!! HALA MADRID!!!!!” So your team takes the lead and you can’t believe it so you ask the guy who’s beside you if you’re not dreaming and he tell you that you’re indeed awake so the adrenaline takes over your body and you scream even louder and you feel so happy that you’re even more confident that your team is going to win, but then something happens… Your team loses the ball and a counterattack is in process and a couple of seconds later you see how the opposite team scores and you listen to the “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL MESSI!!!!! VISCA BARCA!!!! And you’re like “Oh God why!!!!?” and now you’re tied. And the referee whistles the end of the first half and you’re like “Okay, the next half we’ll score and we’ll win”.

15 minutes have passed and now the player come to the pitch once again. The coach of your team has made a move and one of your favorite players enters the pitch so now you put all your faith on that substitution. So the referee signals the beginning of the second half and in that very first minute of it, the other team scores and you can’t believe that now you’re losing. You listen to the screams of joy in one side, and the crying on the other side. You’re watching the game with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you both can’t believe what you’re seeing. Time passes and your team hasn’t scored yet. So you get nervous and the adrenaline is now out of your system and tension fills your entire body. Your back starts to hurt, but you don’t care, because you’re praying to God so He makes a miracle that can save your team, and suddenly, that miracle comes true and your team scores a goal in the last minute of the match and you scream, and cry and you want the game to be over before the opposite team scores again and then you hear the whistle and you now know that the match is over. El Clásico has ended in a tie and you’re so relieved because you were nervous about your team so you say “well, at least we got a point of it”.

So now you go home and remember the game and you feel goosebumps, but you’re happy that you could be there. If you were at home, you also feel the goosebumps, but you’re satisfied because you know your team gave all it had to try to win and you’re happy you were able to watch it live. So now you’re waiting for the next Clásico and hope your team is going to win.