I Tried Too Hard To Be Good Enough


With every new lesson, comes new regrets I need to remember in order to grow and become

Someone who you can be proud of, someone you can boast about, in front of your friends, in front of your boss, right dad and mom?

I have failures to thank for my successes,

I have pain to thank for my happiness,

I have you to thank for my loneliness,

I have me to thank for my weariness.

I have to learn the same lesson a great many times,

I have to live for a very very long time to reach your age,

I have to frown a lot more to look more like the grown ups

I have to kiss many strangers until I fall in love.

I had meant to hide my face, you weren’t supposed to see me cry,

I always wanted to be perfect in your eyes,

But all these lies, I was getting burdened underneath these lies I uttered when I wasn’t being my dull self,

I tried too hard to be good enough,

I ran and ran until I collapsed,

Right on your front door, right into your arms,

My legs are tired and so are my lungs,

Stand still and don’t say a word,

I want to be healed by your silence for once.