I Used To Be A Tornado, Only Good At Destruction


I was a tornado only good at destruction. Whether it meant hurting those around me or just myself I was destined to ruin.

I thought that I could not be stopped not for anything. I was meant to be alone forever. I tried keeping my thoughts to myself for a while and speaking only when I was spoken to, but I had too much pride. My mouth always seemed to find a way of getting me into trouble.

He was a storm chaser destined to catch me and figure out my every move.

He wanted to understand the good with the bad and for me I was more bad than good, but he did not seem to mind. I told him I would hurt him like I did with everything else in my life. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he took the risk anyway. 

He was there. 

He was there for me during the times I needed him and the times I wouldn’t ask for help. He was there.

There to listen to the words I spoke even if he didn’t understand any of them. He was there. He was there in the silence, in the darkness, miles apart or right next to me. And for the first time, in a long time, life was better because he was there.