I Waited Until I Was 25 To Have Sex, And I’m So Glad I Did


“Virgin Mary.” “Prude.” “Virgin Hope.”

These were a few names I was called when someone asked if I was a virgin. I wasn’t going to lie because that’s not the type of person I am. I simply told them I was waiting until marriage. I had a few credentials that I wanted once I lost my virginity such as being in love and married to someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Some girls told me they wished they had wanted too and I was making the right decision. However, others simply looked at me as if I was crazy. But, was I nuts to want to wait? Was I a criminal if I didn’t want to just bang a random guy one night? If you’re into that sort of thing, more power to you, I just knew I wanted it to mean something. I didn’t want to do it to get it done; the guy would have to matter to me.

I began dating this guy I met online September 2013, who is now my boyfriend and we hit it off. There was something about him that was different than any guy I ever knew. We just emotionally connected. Not to mention, I was sexually attracted to him as well.

He aksed me to be his girl November 2013 and we’ve been dating ever since.

In January 2014, he told me he was falling in love with me and I felt the same. Maybe you’d say it was rather quick, but we were both drawn to each other in an unexplainable way. When Valentine’s Day came, we went on a weekend getaway about 2 hours away. We planned to go snow tubing and enjoy each other’s company.

On February 14, 2014, he told me that he loved me and I said it back. However, I didn’t mean it until weeks later. But, at the time, I felt bad that he said it to me, so my initial reaction was to respond using the same words. The next morning, I felt closer to him and he mentioned doing the deed. “We probably won’t be able to be alone like this for a while, so if you’re comfortable, we can try sex.” He was a virgin as well, so we’d experience it for the first time. We talked it over for a few hours before I made the decision.

Eventually I agreed and it was horrendous. Uncomfortable, painful and exhausting was what it felt like. But, I have to say, I’m so glad that I waited because I lost my virginity to a man I really cared for and he loved me as well.

Even though I didn’t wait until marriage, I still don’t regret it because more than likely, he is the man I’m going to marry.