I Want A Love Like A Rom Com Movie


I am what you would probably call A Romantic. I tear up every time Noah blackmails Allie to go on a date with him in The Notebook; I firmly believe that even if there was room for Jack and Rose on that floating door, Jack still made the right decision because True Love is all about sacrificing yourself to prove how much you care. So, what’s up with modern dating these days? Why are men so boring and chill now???

The truth is, I’ve always wanted a love story straight out of a rom com. You know, the kind where some dude harbors an unrequited crush on me for years, practically worshipping my very existence since we were little kids, and I still choose the hotter, more popular guy over him. Oh yeah, and I’m super hot, too. Tinder can’t do that for you.

And anyways, whatever happened to chivalrous men who aren’t afraid to say how they feel? Like that one dude in Love, Actually who held up those signs professing his undying love for his best friend’s wife. Or Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You, who only asked the weird girl out for money but totally fell in love with her anyway. How romantic is that? Do men like that even exist these days? I’m starting to doubt it.

I’m really not asking for much, I swear. I just want to be best friends with some guy for years until one day we inevitably have sex and realize we’re meant to be, like in When Harry Met Sally or that Taylor Swift music video. But also I want to meet some sexy, despicable stranger who I spend most of my time dating until we inevitably have sex and realize we’re meant to be, like in Bridget Jones’s Diary. I hope he’s a poor ruffian who turns his life around for me, but I also kind of hope he’s a secret billionaire who can’t tell me he’s rich for Certain Reasons. Also, I hope he’s a spy.

But in a world full of dating apps, random hook ups, and lifelong spinsterdom, we’ve truly lost the real meaning of romance, and that’s hopelessly pining after someone you met only a few hours before. It’s a shame, really, but hopefully it’s something we’ll see a shift in these coming years. Because if you can’t fall in love with the mega hot Editor-in-Chief of world renowned luxury magazine, who can you fall in love with? Some dude who lived in the same dorm hall as you freshman year? No thanks.

Honestly, dating these days is just so complicated. Why can’t it be as easy as it is in the movies?