I Want A Relationship Like Eleanor And Chidi


I want a relationship like Eleanor and Chidi. They have seen each other at their lowest points, during their most unflattering moments. Chidi has seen her nasty, selfish side. Eleanor has seen his awkward, indecisive side. But it hasn’t made them like each other any less. When they look at each other, they only see the best. They see someone loving. Caring. Sweet. And sexy.

Even though Eleanor has a bad habit of running from her emotions and acting like she doesn’t give a crap about anyone, her feelings for Chidi are strong enough to take a risk on a relationship. Even though he has trouble making the smallest, most insignificant decisions, his feelings are strong enough to choose her.

They bring out the best in each other. They are the best versions of themselves when they are around each other. They like who they are when they are around each other.

I want a relationship like Eleanor and Chidi. A relationship where I’m constantly growing, constantly learning. Even though Eleanor was a rough student at times, Chidi remained patient with her. He believed in her. He knew she was a good person deep down. He knew she was capable of change, even when he wasn’t sure he was capable of change himself.

Eleanor and Chidi¬†encourage each other. They push each other. Most importantly, they have each other’s backs. They have stuck together through their worst moments. Tragedy has not pulled them apart, it has brought them even closer together. No matter what battles they face, they support each other. They protect each other. They act as teammates.

I want a relationship like Eleanor and Chidi. A reliable relationship. A comfortable relationship. A relationship between best friends who can make each other laugh, make out, and make everything feel okay even when nothing is okay.

Eleanor and Chidi have helped each other with their baggage. They have helped each other see the good in the world during times when it seemed like there was nothing except chaos and misery in the world. They make each other happy. They give each other a reason to smile at the worst moments.

I want a relationship like Eleanor and Chidi. A relationship capable of calming me when it seems like everything is going wrong. A relationship where my happiness is a priority. A relationship that has serious potential. A relationship that makes me believe in love again.

Eleanor and Chidi always find their way back to each other. No matter how many obstacles are thrown in their way or how many times their memories have been reset, they end up falling in love — or at least forming a close friendship. They are soulmates in the truest sense of the word. They make sense together. They belong together. They are strongest as partners, as a team.

I want a relationship like Elenor and Chidi. A relationship where my insecurities are not a dealbreaker. A relationship where my quirks are accepted — and even admired.