I Want A Silly Love


Tease me.

Start with your eyes and your wit. Raise an eyebrow at me from across the room when someone says something vapid or conceited, a silent joke for only us to enjoy.

Next time use your lips.

And before your fingertips find my most sensitive spots, learn where I’m ticklish. Save the knowledge of these places for the days when I am low, and need to be brought back to the present.

Back to you.

Become an expert on classifying my many laughs. The ones I can’t contain no matter how hard I try. The ones I let out in full force – either making no sound while my entire body convulses (please point out that it looks like I’m having a seizure) or projecting so much sound, so much unattractive sound, that I’m self-conscious of it.

Love me anyway, if only for the extent of my genuine happiness.

Learn the ways my brain works. In hypotheticals and innuendoes and references to things I love. Watch me weave in the things you love as I so eagerly commit them to memory, one by one.

Pick up where my thoughts leave off so effortlessly that my greatest compliment to you is that you can keep up. That my favorite part about you is your diamond mind.

Be observant. Study my face and mannerisms. Pick me apart. Show me you’re piecing together exactly what kind of person I am with your mockery.

Give me a nickname I pretend to hate but secretly love. One that points out something I’d never admit to, or maybe didn’t even know about myself.

Antagonize me. Find a way to get under my skin, ever so slightly, and push my buttons. Prove that I’m not the only one who can dish it out, and I promise I’ll willingly take whatever you can give.

Giggle at these double entendres like a twelve-year-old boy. Make suggestive comments to me just to keep me sharp, just to make me wonder what it would be like if we were serious about them.

Tell me your embarrassing stories. Don’t be afraid of showing yourself in an unflattering light. Let me laugh with you, but never in a million years at you.

Let us both make a play of this opening up, this vulnerability for our entertainment’s sake until we both become the ones we call when we are in need of a laugh. In need of comfort.

Let us tease each other for demonstrating actual kindness and concern, but let that teasing be our secret way of saying I know, I see it, how you care, and I am grateful for you.

There is truth in comedy, and agreement – support and chemistry. There is listening and creativity and connection.

So give me a silly love.

Give me a love that can make me smile from ear to ear. A love that leaves me chuckling even when they are not near.