I Want To Be The Best For You


I want to be the best for you, all that I can be. I’ve had my heart broken before and maybe you have too, but I’ll give my all, I will.

Someday we’ll find a way to link our otherwise separate lives together and we’ll build a life, a home together. I’ll try to like your hobbies and even if I don’t, I’ll accompany you because I love spending time with you. We’ll smile and laugh so much everyday our cheeks ache and you won’t be able to see my already non-existent eyes.

I’ll make you go to the library with me and listen to my playlists, if you prefer some other types of music, I’ll listen to yours too. We’ll sing together (you’ll have to listen to my singing which is really just croaking), and we’ll write a song that’ll be just ours. I’ll write poems about how you have the weirdest sense of humor and you’ll write about my awful singing. We’ll hold each other every night till we both fall asleep simultaneously and I’ll wake you up with too many kisses and sometimes breakfast in bed. I guess we’ll spend a lot of time doing nothing; too, just chit chatting about nothing and looking into each other’s eyes but those will be some of my favorite moments together.

So far it’s been all good, sunshine and rainbows, but we’ll quarrel, that’s for sure. There will be days when we’re not in the best of mood and need some quiet time and there will be times when we disagree on things and get on each other’s nerves. We’ll not talk for a day (maybe two or three), but even when I’m angry with you I’ll still love you. I’ll still be thinking about how you’re doing and if you’ve taken your meals.

We won’t give up on each other and I will probably still compliment you even when I’m angry and kiss you way too much after. Trust is very foreign to me but I’ll learn to trust you and I promise you, I’ll love you beyond reason. I’ll love you.

I don’t know you yet-or maybe I already do, but I’ll meet you someday and till then, I’ll work to be the best that I can be, for you.