I Want To Be Where You Are


Wandering through the world, this city has no light bright enough to make me forget about you,

There is a guidebook in my hand, but I never know where to go,

If we were here together, you would take me by my hand to where we were supposed to go,

When I’m alone, all I want to go is where you are, but I feel so listless and lost, wandering around like a lost child without a name or song,

I can scream and no one would hear me, but I hear, I hear them all screaming for help, but they push my hand away when I try to reach out to them,

World is too complicated for the simple hearted,

I wonder if I will ever find someone to be quiet with, where we would find the silent places in the world and finally speak and be heard, not by others but just this one person, that can distinguish the difference between speaking and listening,

We would mark all these silent places in the maps, and they will be a treasure map, and we will bury them for someone lost like us in the future.