I Want To Die Knowing I Have Lived


I don’t want to die in my sleep.

I want to die writing my last novel, then they would publish it so others would know what my last words were. 

I want to die reading a great book, knowing that I never stopped learning, that I always believed that there is still so much that I don’t know and stories that I’ve never read about.

I want to die in the arms of the love of my life with my friends and family around us, looking at their faces and knowing that in this lifetime, I was loved.

I want to die playing my guitar or listening to my favorite song, knowing that my soul was whole and healed by the sound of music.

I want to die while painting or dancing, knowing that I never stopped expressing myself and letting other people see my thoughts and emotions without using words.

I want to die while traveling, knowing that I moved in my life and didn’t spend my life as a tree that stayed in the same place.

I want to die as a teacher, knowing that I have passed on what I have learned in my life and hope that those I have passed it on to would also pass them along. I would then wonder if these lessons would be as useful in the future as they are now.

I want to die protecting someone I love, knowing that I found someone in this world who I was willing to die for.

I want to die chasing after my dreams, knowing that I kept trying and trying. No matter how many times I failed, I didn’t give up.

I want to die fighting, so people would hear my story and know that I lived and didn’t just exist… that even for just one moment in my life, somehow, in my own way, I made the world a better place.