I Want To Give You Another Chance But I Know That Would Be A Bad Idea


I want to accept your apologies. I want to believe you when you say you are going to change. I want to keep you in my world. But I know that would be a horrible idea.

I have already given you enough chances and you made me regret every single one of them.

I cannot keep doing this. I am not going to sacrifice my happiness in order to remain in a relationship that became toxic a long time ago.

I cannot remember the last time we had an honest conversation that ended without screaming at each other, resenting each other, growing even further apart from each other.

I love you with all my heart. I have a hard time picturing my life without you in it. But that is not an excuse to stay in an uncomfortable situation.

I have to start putting myself before you. I have to make a change because this has not been working for a while. We both know it.

I am exhausted. Our relationship adds more stress to my shoulders than I can carry. I already have a lot on my plate with work and family and friends. I cannot take additional anxiety. I cannot have this amount of drama in my world.

I need to step away from you, from us, even though it is secretly going to kill me inside. I am not happy about the idea, but it is something I have to do. I have no other choice. You pushed me to my limits. 

I gave you a million chances to set things right, and in return you kept giving me more reasons to walk away. You showed me the kind of person you really are. Someone who lies. Who cheats. Who manipulates. Who only looks out for themselves.

The truth is that I want to stay with you. I want to live with you. I want to grow old with you. But that is no longer a possibility in my mind. You took that future away from us when you broke my heart for the hundredth time.

I want to give you another chance, because I have a kind heart, but I am not an idiot. Staying would be stupid at this point. It wouldn’t make any sense.

I am not going to lower my standards to keep a relationship alive when it deserves to die.

You can act like I am the bad guy for leaving you, but you were the one who asked for this. Not aloud, but through your actions. If you wanted me to stay, then you would have given me respect. You would have become a better person if the thought of losing me was so difficult for you to bear. But you were too stubborn, too lazy, too heartless to make any sort of change.

I want to give you another chance but I know that would be a bad idea. I know history would only repeat itself and I am not willing to put myself through that kind of pain ever again.