I Want To Know Your Story


I want to know your story. Not the one you tell everyone, because you’re scared that if they heard it, they might judge you for it. I want to hear the whole thing with all its messiness and ugliness. I want to know the real you, the you that you can’t be unless you’re at home and completely alone.

I want to hear the kind of story that you don’t even have to think before telling. The one that’s unfiltered and without you trying to sugarcoat anything in it. I want to know it in the most spontaneous way, with words dripping from your mouth so naturally and unrestrained. The one that you would tell if no one else was listening and without thinking about what anyone else would think about it.

I am sick of people selling their unreal and perfect stories that lack any kind of rawness and realism in it. I want the kind that I can feel full-heartedly because every moment in it has touched you to the core. I don’t want your unflawed one. I don’t care what yours is as long as it is real.

I know you might think that no one wants to know that story, because the other one sounds way better in your head, but trust me, in this world where we have all been subjected to so many fakeness, the idea of anything real and authentic is such a rare and beautiful thing that we are yearning for.

I promise you that if you decide to share your story with me in its most real form, I will be here to listen to every single part of it attentively. I won’t judge you for it, and I will always try to understand. Because I too have one of my own, and it might not be that pretty either. I would like you to know it anyway, rather than telling you any other story that has nothing to do with me.