I Want To Love Every Part Of You


Come here
I will not bite
well, I might
but I will only bite what needs biting
the skin you wear that needs to be shred, to bleed
so it can know what healing feels like
it feels like coming to life
like a river flowing

Let me touch you like a flowing river
so we may remember what it feels like
to be alive
I will dip my toes first
into your mind
play with it and splash the world
with the colours that result
from our togetherness
I will get familiar with your currents
and step in, stepping on riverbed stones
in your waters, until I am in
to my waist
now, as the metaphor goes
my life force is inside this interaction
and it is now that I
make love to your heart
and get to feel your currents
the ones that run your flow
but I know there is a deeper way to go
and I gather all of my breath
fill up not my lungs but my heart and I
jump in
head first
for I was made for the depths
and now you are my guidance
for this is your home
and if I am to be here
I will respect the swings of your waters
the moods of your soul
for this here
is sacred space

we should all feel each other slowly
as we would mother Nature
with deep reverence for life
for the sacredness of all this
that envelops us whole
and breathes deep within
with an intelligence we do not know
down the riverbeds
beneath the skin
where the air does not reach and it is all a virgin forest
populated with fears, blood, tears
and hopes, desires and loves that we have lived

It should all be sacred land
and we should feel each other softly
as we would mother Nature

So if I bite
it is only to rustle your leaves
for you to know that I am here
and open for me
like a virgin forest
and let me see you
and I would love you
to bite me in return
so we may taste the fragrance
of the life blood in our veins
and of everything else sacred
the nature that rules unseen.