I Want To Run Away With You And Never Look Back


I want to run away from this town, from this city, and from everyone that knows me. And I want you to be the one I run with.

Even if it’s just for one day. I want to leave. Leave this town I grew up in. Drive on dirt roads and hold your hand running through fields of sunflowers. I want to keep us safe in a bubble of magic. In a bubble of love, just for a little while.

Imagine it. Just for right now.

You and me, taking the world by storm. Traveling to places where no one knows our names. Taking a bus to New York. Taking a train to Philadelphia. Taking a plane to San Francisco. Just being us, without fear. Without a care. Without a need to be anything but who we are.

I want to run away with you. If even for just a day. To talk with you about politics and music and your favorite books. I want to discuss who I am, who I used to be, who you are and who you used to be. I want to see you smile at me like you always did and for you to gaze at me like you did at 16.

I want to hold onto forever for just one more day.

I want to kiss you like we never stopped and to feel your safety net gather me up in your arms. I want to remember how it felt like to be with you. To be who we used to be. To love like we used to love.

I want to run with you, hand in hand, and to play hide and seek like I did when I was six. I want to run my hands through your brown hair and kiss your dimple on your cheek. I want to chase you until we are just two bodies, falling on one another like a dance, and laughing too hard to stand back up again. I want to star gaze with you and listen to you tell me all about the galaxies and the universe above us. I want to fall asleep to your voice, the only thing that could bring me comfort from the dark.

I want to make forever feel real again. I want to erase all the broken promises and the hurt and the tears. For just one more day, I want our chance. Our chance to make it. Our chance to survive.

For just one day, I want our memories to be awakened. 

I want to run away with you. If just for only a moment. To feel like us again. To be who we once were. Without fear that it would ever end.