I Want Too Much From My Significant Other, But I Don’t Care


It is usually easy to ask someone to be a certain way without making any effort to be the same way for them. We go into relationships with checklists and hope that the person in front of us will jump into the challenge of being the best one for you. Why don’t we think about being the best person for them? Well, I guess because these days it’s more about our needs, because we have met a lot of less than gentlemanly suitors and now we would just like someone real for once in our lives.

I want someone who is caring and gives me cheesy compliments every time he gets a chance.

I want someone who would want to know everything there is to know about me, and when he gets to the core, he doesn’t leave.

I want someone who looks at me like I am the only girl in the world, and I want it to last forever.

I want a guy who is mature and doesn’t shy away from womanly things.

I want a man who can take me on a bicycle ride with a picnic basket and make it the most romantic sunset date ever, and a man who can sweep me off my feet with a short trip to Barcelona.

I want someone who will hug me and put me back in place; I want a man whose embrace is mine and only mine forever.

I want a man who will understand my rage and be supportive of my goals and dreams.

I want him to reassure me that I don’t ask for much when I ask everything of him.

I want to get the most amazing proposal on the top of the mountain in winter in Zermatt, Switzerland.

I want a partner who is there no matter what.

I want a man who understands why I want to wait till marriage, even though I’m not a virgin anymore.

I want someone who’ll understand me and love me — all of me.

I want a man who brings flowers home to his wife sometimes.

But I also want to be honest, caring, and genuinely curious.

I want to be fun and carefree sometimes.

I want to belong to him, and I want to be his support system, his inspiration, his love.

I want to be his best friend.

I want to surprise him, and I want to wait for him with dinner at home. Not every day though.

I’d like to be the best girlfriend I can be. The best fiancée. The best wife.

I want to hug him near the fireplace. I want to roast marshmallows with him. I want to look into his brown eyes and get lost.

I want to be able to find a way whenever there is an obstacle in front of us.

And I also hope I can be as undeniable for him as I want him to be for me.

I am sure I will be ready when we meet each other.

I dream of him, without knowing who he is.

I trust God’s timing and I know it’s going to be perfect.

A wish list for a soul who finally decided to ask for something. I’ve always been dreaming about a flawed, perfect person for myself. Not because I needed one to fulfill me or love me, but because I believe in partnership, marriage, and love as an ultimate experience here on Earth. The way it starts, the way it progresses, the way it perseveres and the way it calms — in the tiny hands of a baby, in her first smile and her first walk, in your man’s glance. The way it grows old with all the wrinkles on his face and your gray hair, grandchildren running around, your children coming for a visit and you two, deliriously happy for the life you’ve built and the life you’ve created.

I do not wish for too much, do I?