I Want You To Remember That You Won’t Always Be Lonely


Sometimes we often feel an incredible sense of loneliness.
Loneliness after hearing about a certain person
Loneliness after the bar is closing and you haven’t found a warm body to take home.
Loneliness when that person hasn’t texted you.
Loneliness when we run into someone we haven’t seen in years

It suddenly brings back feelings and emotions you’ve hidden for so long
How good they look,
how happy they seem,
how perfect their life appears to be from far away

It brings about a sense of uneasiness,
a sense of loneliness,
a sense of hopelessness
that maybe we will always feel this way.
That maybe we made the wrong choice,
that maybe we should settle for that person,
that maybe we were wrong about that person.

Please don’t think these feelings are going to remain.
You will one day understand that loneliness is an okay feeling
Loneliness is something that you need to feel
You need to sit in loneliness so that you will appreciate when you find someone,
Someone who makes you feel hopeful,
Someone who makes you feel happy,
Someone who makes you feel safe.
Someone who makes you feel so good that once you have their arms around you, you will realize how much they truly mean to you.

You will finally realize that in their arms is where you belong.
You will realize how much you appreciate them being in your life
And how that loneliness you felt earlier in life,
after leaving that relationship,
after hearing about that person,
That loneliness is a not a permanent feeling,
That loneliness went away and turned into a feeling of hopefulness, that loneliness turned into feeling content and a feeling of happiness again.
Because loneliness will never remain, it will always change.