I Was Bullied, Don’t Tell Me It Made Me Stronger


It sends a rage like no other in me when I hear a song thanking someone for being a bully or abusing them because it made them stronger. It absolutely stings me when someone tells me that my life of being bullied is the reason I’m the person I am today.

Let me tell you what kind of person I am today. I’m the kind of person who can’t look in the mirror and see pretty because for majority of my life I was called ugly, fat, and disgusting. I’m the person who can’t even look in a yearbook because it’s full of more enemies than friends. I’m the kind of person who spent years forcing myself to get up every day and forcing myself to put the knife down.

So you know what? If you want to tell someone that having a bully makes them strong, you can go fuck yourself. I may not be weak but don’t you dare try to justify what they did to me like that. Don’t you dare try to tell me that I should be thankful for my tortured childhood or the scars on my body! Don’t you dare tell me that I’m stronger now because I barely lived through it all!

All that logic does, is condone bullying. People should be strong without a bully. I shouldn’t have these scars on my body. I shouldn’t have the mental scars either. Don’t try to blame these scars on me. Don’t tell me I was weak and should have dealt with it or toughened up because it’s hard to just deal with someone holding me down physically and cutting me. It’s hard to just deal with someone breaking my arm or throwing things at me.

I was failed by the school system, my parents, and by the parents of those bullies. The school system watched it all happened and turned a blind eye. My parents told me to ignore it then got angry when it didn’t go away. The parents of the bully didn’t teach their children to be decent human beings and to care for others. I was failed by a society that just said, “Kids are cruel,” but did nothing about it.

No one who told me “You’re stronger now,” has actually been through it. They had happy childhood memories and a decent school life. They had nothing to care about besides their grades and who they were going to Prom with. They had nothing to weigh them down. They had no bad memories outside of the norm. So if you’re like that, don’t try to weigh in on situations like mine and try to make me feel better. Just talk to me like you would any other person about anything else because you can’t help someone through something you have no clue about.

Don’t make a bully feel like they did something good for society by being a living nightmare to other people. Don’t make a bully feel like they helped anyone or that they can do whatever they want because in the end, the person is better off. We’re not better off.