I Wear Makeup To Look Hot


To some, makeup is a great security blanket. It boosts confidence by covering up flaws: acne scars, rosacea, dark under eye circles, you name it. Then there are those like me who appreciate the coverage makeup can provide, but whose primary reason for wearing it is to enhance their appearance.

I want to look attractive, but I am not trying to look attractive for anybody but myself. I like the way makeup looks on me, therefore I wear it. It is not as if I am not standing in my bathroom mirror in the morning thinking to myself, “Oh, I bet the guy that is going to harass me on the way to work with is cat calls is really going to appreciate this bronze eye shadow I’m rocking today.” That Neanderthal, with his primitive behavior, probably does not even know what eye shadow is! Of course it is not for him. It’s for me to wear so that I can look my best as part of being my best self. It’s for those moments when I happen to catch my own reflection and think, “Looking good, Sam!”

The only time I will take a man into consideration when applying my makeup is when I am going on a date, because in that situation, looking my best is part of the seduction. Of course, I am not going to bat my brown eyes at him with my naturally stubby eyelashes. This is why the goddess Aphrodite gave us mascara, and why I will use it to its full volumizing effect!

There is always that judgmental person, or group of people, who feel the need to tell you how makeup is some big façade. These types of people will bombard you with the vexatious argument that makeup is simply a means of disguising your true, natural self and try telling you that you are somehow living in this covert image. Nonsense. You naturally don’t smell like Old Spice, Channel, Axe, Dior, or whatever celebrity fragrance you spray yourself with. That does not mean that without your perfume or cologne of choice you reek. It just means that you leave your house smelling better than you would with nothing but some deodorant on. It’s the same with makeup; you’re enhancing what’s already there.

Yes, some people do wear makeup to feel as if they’ve completely transformed themselves into someone else. They put it on like they are donning a mask and with that mask they feel more beautiful, or more self assured. They stand a little straighter and walk a little taller all because of the application of a few cosmetics. Why then try and humiliate these people by making them feel that they are less for wearing “all that makeup” when it is that makeup that is giving them a belief in themselves and a self confidence to achieve their goals?

Then, there are those who will feel like my claim of wearing makeup simply to look attractive is superficial and vapid. Yet, if were to write an article on how I eat right and work out as part of a regimen to be my best self, I am sure I would be encouraged and even applauded for my actions. However, once I include that being my best self also comes with the application of a perfect winged eyeliner and signature red lip, all of a sudden I am shallow. Sure, you can argue that a balanced meal plan and regular exercise go towards having better internal health but there are plenty of things that people do for themselves, to enhance themselves that hold no health benefits, from teeth bleaching, to tattoos, to hair dying, to waxing, shaving, and buying clothes that flatter. There is no shame in wanting to present and represent your best external self.

Which is why I wear makeup to look hot.

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image – Felix Leupold