I Will Always Think Of You When I Think Of New York


When I think of New York, I’ll think about the first weekend we spent there together. I’ll think of Central Park and I’ll remember the hours we spent exploring under the sun. I’ll remember the excitement in your voice as you held my hand and showed me around your favourite parts of the city.

I’ll remember the look in your eyes and how much you wanted me to fall in love with this city just as I had fallen in love with you.

I’ll think of the nights we spent on rooftops, drinking wine and staring at the beautiful skyline as you pointed at buildings and told me stories of your childhood. I’ll think of all the nights you lay beside me, knowing that the stars would disappear and the sun would come up soon and trying to savor the moments in between. I remember spending those moments silently memorizing every detail of you.

I think it’s because I was scared I would someday forget what it felt like to wake up next to you.

When I think of New York, I’ll remember being in love.

I’ll think about the late nights we spent walking home, guided by the lights of the city. I’ll think about the way we used to laugh and the 4am talks about our fears and hopes for the future.

I’ll think of that winter day we spent biking across the bridge. I’ll remember the cold wind that numbed my whole body until my hands turned purple. But more importantly, I’ll remember the smile on your face and the way it warmed my heart. I’ll remember the way we dove under the blankets that afternoon, and I’ll remember wishing that we could stay like that forever.

When I think of New York, I’ll be reminded that it will always be your city and that I will always be merely a visitor.

This city that you love so passionately will never be my home. You made sure of that.

I learned to love that city: the city that never sleeps. I loved the energy and the way the leaves changed colour in the spring. New York will always have a special place in my heart, and I know that I will think about it often. I’ll think of the friends I made and the experiences and adventures that changed my life.

But most importantly, when I think of New York, I will always think of you.