I Will Love The Worst Parts Of You


Hey You,

You know I’m not good in conversation. I let you do all the talking because my mind moves faster than I can speak and I can never find the words I really want. You’re much better in person and I’m much more eloquent on paper. So I took some time to write this down because maybe I haven’t said enough. Out of the million things I want you to know I will do for you, I want you to know most that I will love you.

I will love the worst parts of you, no matter how terrible you think they are, and I will always let you know that you are more than enough. I will be the happiest for you when you succeed, and I will be there to comfort you when you don’t. I will always be on your side. I will listen and love all of your secrets and all of the things you want to hide.

I will try my best to cheer you up and put your mind at ease when you feel the odds are stacked against you and the pressure gets too much. I will never make you feel like you cannot be yourself, even when it isn’t pretty, even when it is the exact opposite of the persona you want the world to see.

I will always think you are the wittiest, most clever person in the room. I will always love watching the way you make strangers happy with your charm and I will love the way people flock to you like you have all the answers. I know it wears on you, I know you feel that no one has the answers for you in return. But you should take solace in the fact that those close to you feel that you know better than them, even if you don’t think so.

I want you to know that you are brilliant and you need to know that you are incomparable in my eyes. I want to thank the ones in your past who have abandoned you and failed to see your value. I want to thank them because if not for their neglect, I wouldn’t be the lucky one to experience all of your wonderfulness and have a front row seat to watch the amazing success you’re on the way to becoming.

You are a leader and you deserve it more than anybody. I am so incredibly proud of the things you have accomplished and what you have yet to accomplish still. You are going to make it, and nobody believes that more than I do.

So there you go. Nothing I write will ever be clear enough but that’s what I want you to know. I will love you.



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