I Will Love You Like I Love A Book


Just like how I love a book, I will love you until I memorize your every line. The lines you unconsciously create are the things that will linger in my mind forever. I will carefully flip your pages back and forth -not because I do not understand you, but because I adore you too much and I’d like to hear the sweet words flowing through you again and again.

I will try to savor each time I have with you, knowing that sooner or later, because of some pauses, I have to put you down. I will handle you with care because you mean so much to me and I don’t want anyone else to hold you.

You are not perfect, you have your own errors and I’ll probably laugh at you because of it but still, it’s going to be a few of the many things I will remember you by.

Let me cover you with my care–know that I am doing it because I don’t want you to be marked or burned. I will dust off the specs of doubt I have about you by blowing the second thoughts I shamelessly created. And every time I get frustrated because I cannot contemplate on what you are saying, I will patiently read you over and over again until I get your point.

I will take some time to study how you play with my mind but I know I’ll never get the answer to that. Grasping you and taking time to be with you is always something I yearn for every moment since the reality I’m in is full of stress. You amaze me in so many levels because you take me to another world and make me feel ecstatic emotions that I couldn’t feel when I’m stuck in my own world.

Most of the time you make my heart swell in happiness; sometimes you’ll make it ache; but nevertheless, it only strengthens my feelings with each passing moment. As I will read you, I know I will feel many different emotions and I will accept every bit of it because after all, it will teach me new lessons.

I never break the spine of a book, and with that, I will try my best not to break you because of holding you too much. And if ever there comes a time where you are accidentally ripped, keep in mind that I will not forgive myself for destroying something fragile and I will spend the days, weeks, or months even, trying to fix what I have broken.

I will let you breathe for I know you will grow tired of being carried all the time.

You are filled with many chapters and I will appreciate each one of them, may it be good or bad. Forgive me if I place you on a shelf for too long because I am too preoccupied with the things I have to do, but remember that at the end of the day, you’re the one who brings me comfort and peace like no else can.

There are thousands of others out in the world, but you are my favorite book simply because you are wonderfully and uniquely bound together.