I Will Love You On Your Darkest Days


I will love you on your darkest days. I will love you more on days where you’re difficult to love. At the end of a long stressful day at work, I bet you won’t be in the mood to talk. You won’t have the energy to snuggle or share a glass of wine to talk about our day. On those days I’ll hold you closer. I’ll cook you dinner. Give you a massage. I’ll pamper you. I’ll tell you stories while you rest in silence. I will surely fall harder as I watch you slowly fall asleep by my side.

I will love you harder on days where you’re not feeling well. When you’re sneezing and coughing, endlessly tossing and turning to get comfortable on our bed. On nights where my tight hugs aren’t enough to keep you warm, I’ll cook your favorite meal. I’ll buy every food you are craving. I’ll walk to the nearest pharmacy in the middle of the night to get your medicine. Then, we’ll take them together when I get home to persuade you because I know how much you hate taking pills. No matter how stubborn you are, you are still the most beautiful woman in my eyes even when you’re sick.

I will love you even you’re not in the mood. When you’re irritable and grumpy that even the sight of me and the sound of my voice triggers you to go into a rage, I’ll stay. I’ll hug you tighter. Even in deep silence, I want you to know that I am here. I am not going anywhere.

I will love you deeper when you feel lost and uncertain. When you feel like your whole world is falling apart. I’ll remind you of the strong and independent woman that initially caught my eye. I’ll be here to listen. I’ll find my way to be your light, to make your days a bit brighter. No matter how foolish I appear, I’ll do everything to put a smile on your face. I cannot promise to save you from all the chaos around us. But I can assure you, I’ll be by your side, no matter what happens, as we both save ourselves.

I will love you, even more, when our relationship doesn’t feel the same. When the distance and our busy schedule seem to turn our days colder and our nights darker. When everything starts to feel like a routine. On these days, I’ll make you fall for me again. I’ll write you poems; bring you chocolates and flowers. I’ll fly halfway around the globe to win your heart again, and again. I will remind you of our future home, our future kids, our future adventures.

I will remind you of how our love is stronger than anything life throws on us, as long as we face them together.

No matter how life treats us, please be assured that I will tirelessly love you until we grow old.