I Will Love You So Well, You’ll Forget You Were Ever Broken


I will love you so well, the ones before won’t matter as much. The hands that held you, the lips that kissed you—those will drift into the backdrop of your life, become faded filmstrips left in the shadows for too long, gathering dust.

For every promise that wasn’t kept, I will vow my loyalty to you. For every word of anger that rolled off her tongue, I will speak encouragement and support until you forget what it’s like to stand alone.

For every dream that was crushed as you pursued hers relentlessly, I will show you what it means to have someone who believes in you, beyond a doubt. Someone who would never let you stray from your heart’s desire, even if it doesn’t match my own.

For every fight, I will kiss your bruises.

For every failure, I will inspire you back to your feet.

For every moment you look into the mirror, doubting your worth and strength as a man, I will wrap my arms around your middle, pull you to me, trace a line from your shoulder blades to your spine with my lips. Show you how it feels to be loved, to be valued, to be seen.

For every woman who didn’t fight for you, didn’t stay with you, didn’t give you the entirety of her heart, couldn’t love you how you deserve to be loved—I will give you all of me. And I will stay.

I will love you so well, you will fail to remember the bodies you’ve held, the words you’ve spoken, the memories you shared. I will treasure you, stand in admiration before you, and push you to be all that you are capable of, and more.

I will remind you who you are, who you’ve always been, who you are becoming. I will support you through every change, trial, and triumph as if they were my own.

I will love you so well, the past will slip away until it’s no longer painful. Until you no longer remember the arguments, the brokenness, the ache that’s been weighing you down. Until the hole in your chest is filled with kind words and a heartbeat in rhythm with my own.

I will love you until you forget—who she was, how she left, why you stopped believing in love and in yourself for a minute. I will love you until you remember your worth.

And I won’t be afraid. Not afraid to take on the world together. Not afraid to believe in us. Not afraid of what could happen, or the conflict that may arise as we move forward, hand-in-hand.

I will fight to choose you, even when our days are heavy with pain. Even when we lose ourselves. Even when we question whether what we have is real—still I’ll fight for you, for us. Still I’ll believe.

For every doubt, I will hand you another piece of me.

For every hesitation, I will share the words on my heart.

For every moment we slip and it feels as if we’re about to lose one another, I will remind myself of the promises I made to you—to love you in both of our imperfect moments—and I will continue.

I will love you so well, you’ll stop searching. You’ll stop looking back, stop thinking about what could have been because you’ll have more than you could ask for. Here, with me.

I will love you so well you won’t have to wonder.

You’ll just stand beside me, fighting, growing, becoming love.