I Will Love You With All Of Me No Matter What


I will love you wholly when I know you for the person you truly are.

Beyond first impression, superficial understanding, and initial appearances.

I will fall in love with the constellations in your eyes, how they sparkle as brightly as the stars when passion grips you tightly when you speak about your ambition and dream. I will fall for the way you love so passionately- something so rare and precious in this era of modern dating. I will thank my lucky star for bringing me the most precious gem- namely you into my life

I will love you during the most trying time of your life. I will love you in the pit of your despair when heaviness clings to your skin, and breathing becomes difficult. I will love you when you think you have hit rock bottom, the darkness seems to be swallowing you up and you’re losing your grip on your sanity. I will love you when nothing seems to be going right for you and you’re struggling to stay afloat. I will love you when you’re wrecked with insecurity and self-doubt about your ability and worth.

I will be your voice of reason that guides you out of your ocean of troubles until you believe that you will make it. I will be the one who lifts you out of your darkness by being your ray of hope shining brightly until it chases out the last of your worries. I will be the hand that wipes away your tears and envelope you into a hug telling you that everything is going to be okay.

I will be the one who will stand by you through thick and thin, withstanding life’s darkest storm and welcoming the rainbow together.

When you feel that you can’t go on anymore, I will be your source of comfort holding you together until I’ve convinced you that you have found your solace in me. When you’re battling with your inner demon and seem to be on the losing side, I’ll wrap my arms around you tightly smoothening you with encouragement and reassurance until I’ve drowned out your dark worries. When you’re at your lowest point and feel that you lost your purpose, I’ll be your light pulling you out of the relentless pain.

I will love you in the present knowing full well that you’re my forever.

I will embrace our journey together while marveling at the unwritten stories we’re going to write eventually. I will love you loudly in the present, indulging in every moment we have and knowing we have infinity more. I will appreciate all that we went through, believing that life is a journey filled with vivid shades of happiness now that you’re by my side.

I will love you in the only way I know- wholeheartedly, unrestrainedly, and irrevocably and I know, you’ll love me back.

Love with you is the biggest journey I undertake. I’m growing, learning, and evolving into the best version of myself while alighting my life with yours. I’m chasing after my dream, living my life to the fullest, and reaching my goals while doing it all with you. I’m savoring the good and bad days, reveling in the little things, and feeling content with what I have right here with you.

I’m the happiest I have ever been simply because I have you.