I Will Never Forget The Sound Of Your Voice Or The Softness Of Your Lips


I will never forget you.

I will never forget the way your hands ran across my skin when I buried my head into your pillow, wondering why I was so bad at making you feel good. How you gently put your lips against my hair, and told me that no matter what, you would still love me the same.

I will never forget the first day we made out at your parents’ house. The warmth upon your body, and how you looked me in the eyes and whispered, “I have a feeling that I want you to be my wife.” It was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.

I will never forget the day we fell off our motorbike trying to get my desk to your place. When we arrived safely, you suddenly hugged me so tightly that I almost suffocated. I could feel your fear of losing me. I could feel your heartbeat against my heart.

I will never forget the last day of the first year we spent together. A normal walk out of the bookstore. How everything felt so right, like the universe aligned. How we did not care about kissing each other in public. How the squeezing of your hand came in rhythm with the sunset. It was you and me, two people against the world.

I will never forget your smell or your laughter. How you hugged me from behind. How you kissed me upside down. How you told me I was beautiful over the phone. How you wrote me a love letter. How you called me out of the blue, because you felt like I was sad. How you let me know I could trust you by telling me everything. How you introduced me to your family and friends. How you kissed my shoulder on our first date. How you loved me.

I will never forget you. I won’t.