I Will Never Stop Writing About You


You are the book that I wish I could read for the rest of my life.

You are the comforting weight and familiarity of cover and pages clutched in hands that have always instinctively reached for something to hold. You are the words sprinkled across those pages, simple lines winding their way into formations that create something so breathtakingly wonderful.

You are the song that I wouldn’t mind having stuck in my head for years.

And yes, this comes from the girl who complains all too often about having one lodged there. You are the perfect arrangement of harmonies that leaves me wondering just how something like you is capable of existing. You are the lyrics so artfully arranged that I am left to desperately try and catch the breath that I’ve forgotten how to take in.

You are the very essence of what my confused heart has wanted all this time.

You are the rain that falls during the night, and the birds that sing so early in the mornings, and the ocean, so vast and fathomless, and all of the things I find captivatingly beautiful.

You are the words I can’t quite say and the ones I will never stop writing.

You are the simple presence of safety that is so long sought after. You are the hope behind laughter, and the wonder blanketed in weighty silences that have never felt so comfortable.