I Wish For A Dozen Fireflies And Hummingbirds To Dip And Sing Honey Into Your Ears As You Fall Asleep Tonight


I wish for a dozen fireflies and hummingbirds to dip and sing honey into your ears as you fall asleep tonight. I wish for the stars to dance for you — just for you, and for the moon to make a private trip to your window to read you a story that is full of humans that are kind, and love, lots of love.

I wish your sheets to hold your body so sweetly that it lets go of everything today that didn’t feel like a bath after a cold walk in the purple mountains. I hope that you feel the love and the weight of a million puppies as you lie down tonight in bed, that you feel their sweet weight on your side.

I hope that you fall asleep in a bed full of petals of all the grandest flowers — sunflowers and red roses and pink roses. I hope that your pillow hugs you a little when you get in, as if to say, “Oh! you’re here, I’ve waited all day.”

And if none of that happens I just wanted to tell you I am sure happy you are alive.