I Wish For Your Life To Be With Flowers And Music


I wish for your life to be with flowers and music
my father says
it already is
I smile
thinking of lying in a yellow stone bathtub two weeks ago in Bali
in a tub full of rose petals
giant sunflowers
swishing in the water being photographed like a fairy queen
laying on a white bed
with crisp white sheets
brown like an olive with a white bum
full of flowers
the camera clicks
my life is a dream
it is all a beautiful dream

and then he tells me a story of how once when he was camping with my mother on one beach he found dozens of wild white roses
and he took all the petals
one by one
and laid them down
the bed in the tent was full of white petals
the smell
he says
the smell
a Santana cassette plays in a haze as we drift through the windy roads of Crete
flowers and music grasping at our brains.