I Wish Heaven Had A Proper Address


I just finished watching I Am Legend, and it made me miss you all over again. I now understand why it was your favorite movie. Dr. Robert Neville found a way to light up the darkness, the same way that you always did.

I wish you were here. I wish Heaven had a proper address. If it did, I would write you and tell you about all of the miracles that found a way to light up the darkness that came with your absence.

I would tell you that because of you, I started believing in God again. Because of you, I’m still dreaming of castles in the sky.

I would tell you that I’m still writing, and our favorite teacher told me that sometimes, he reads my writing to his daughter. Maybe I should pray for her, huh?

I would tell you that the pretty girl who you were going to ask to Homecoming ended up marrying one of your best friends. They even had a baby, whom they named after you.

I would tell you that I met a man who reminds me of everything you could have been, everything that you would have grown up to be. I find comfort in knowing that hearts and smiles as big as yours still exist, scattered throughout humanity. I think it’s a miracle that I found him.

I would tell you that the biggest miracle of all, is the way that the world still turns without you in it. Orange and blue butterflies still find a way to cross my path. The sun’s departure is still leaving behind cotton candy-Armageddon skies. Out my window, I can still hear kids laughing, chasing soccer balls across fields of potential. Your old soccer jersey still hangs, framed, in the hallway of our old high school. The number 10 has never looked so good.

I guess I’ll catch you at the endgame. You know I’ll be cheering for the home team.

I miss you.