I Wish On The Days I Didn’t Love Myself, You’d Remind Me I Should


And I wish things were different.
I wish that I didn’t feel the way I do about you.
That I had met you before you met her.
That I had met you before I met him.
That every time I am next to you, I crave some kind of physical contact.
I wish on the days I didn’t love myself, that you would remind me, that I should.
I wish that I was the one who gets to share your bed sheets.
That the thought of waking up with your hands on my naked body, makes my head spin.
And I wish you’d kiss me on the forehead before you left for work in the morning.
And I that I would never have to wonder about your mind wandering.
I wish I didn’t have to hear from you, just to check in.
That our conversations would be consistent, and the questions would consist of, will you make it home in time for dinner?
I wish that the words you write to me, were said aloud.
That you would be daring enough to be vulnerable.
I wish that you would stop looking at me in the eyes so intensely.
That our gazes would hold, but the way our lips turned up in the corners, would soften our stare and make our eyes crinkle.
I wish I could stop myself from saying some of the things I do.
That every time, I still throw my head back into a fit of laughter.
And I wish that one day, you’ll be making things happen.
That you will have followed your dream, that you will have made it happen.
I wish you’d be more open, at least to let me in.
And that you’d stop asking every question and you’d answer mine once in a while.
I wish that you’d understand, you don’t need to impress anyone.
That your infectious energy lights up a room.
That when you’re authentically who you are, it is enough.
I wish that it was easier for you.
That you didn’t have to hurt anyone, that you don’t have to break anyone’s heart.
I wish that you will never settle again.
That you will wait for something that burns bright, that’s passionate, that is worthy.
And I wish you would just let go.
That you would be brave enough to acknowledge that there is something here.
That you are to recognize, soul connection when it is present.