I Wish Sorry Was Enough


I wish sorry could glue the broken pieces of me back together and repair my heart again, I wish it could act like a pain killer and kill the pain instead of activating it. I wish sorry didn’t reopen all the wounds and left them bleeding.

I wish sorry didn’t bring back all the painful memories, I wish it could erase all the damage that was caused before it. I wish sorry can shed light on the darkest days and I wish sorry can take back all the tears I’ve cried.

I wish sorry could tear down all the walls that the distance has put up, I wish it could easily break them down, I wish it had the power to make me forget all the reasons why I built all these walls and why I plan to build them higher.

I wish sorry could soften my stubborn heart, I wish it could flip a switch in my heart that makes me forget, that makes forgive and makes me open my heart again, I wish it didn’t make my heart so cold and I wish it didn’t remind me of all the bitterness I had to taste.

I wish sorry was enough to take away the days I felt sorry for myself.

I wish sorry was enough to take away the nights I waited for it to save me, to resurrect me and to make me smile again.

I wish sorry wasn’t too late.

I wish it had been said earlier, when I was able to forgive, when I was willing to forget and when I was capable of fixing my broken heart.

But now sorry is nothing but a reminder of everything my heart had to endure because it trusted, and a reminder of all the lies and the broken promises that my heart had to live because it believed.

Time has a funny way of changing the power of an apology; sometimes it’s all you need and sometimes it backfires.

I wish sorry was strong enough to cover or hide my scars, but my scars are deep and so is my love that even the sorriest sorry won’t heal them.

I wish sorry could make it all okay, but sometimes all a sorry does is remind you that it’s just not enough.