I Wish You Could See Your Beauty


You’re like Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way. Yet somehow you’ve decided that physically you’re garbage, and your body is a trash heap. I don’t know when you started hating yourself, but it fills my heart with pain. I look at you and I see so many lovely things, and I wish you could see it, too.

Just once, my dear, I wish you could see your beauty.

You gaze in front of that same mirror and feel defeated as you begin your day. You shoot me a selfie with the caption, “What’s it matter? I’m just ugly anyway.” Back and forth, round and round, we argue about the way you look. I know you like to win all our fights, but this time I can’t give in.

I wish that you could see your beauty when you stand in front of that reflective glass. The way your eyes twinkle, and how your hair just dances. That lightness in your complexion, and the way your smile melts my heart. I wish you could take all that radiance in and accept yourself just as you are.

Oh, how I wish you could see that beauty.

You walk down the sidewalk, but something stops you from taking on the day. You ask me to stop, look, and listen as you point out every flaw you can find with your legs and your feet. Turn around, upside down, we fight about the way you walk. I know you’ve mastered legal jargon, but this time, I object.

I wish you could see your beauty when you’re walking down the street. The slender length of your amazing legs, and the dainty way you move your feet. That joyful bounce in your step, and the way your arms float through the air. I wish you could just watch yourself as you wander, and stand in awe the way I do.

I wish that you could somehow see it, that indescribable beauty.

You claw your way out of the constricting clothing of the day and into something more comfortable for the night. You start poking at your stomach, exclaiming, “Why isn’t it flat?” Back and forth, round and round, we take turns showing each other whose gut is worse. I know you say that mine is cuter, but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you win.

I wish you could see the beauty in your natural curves. The flat valley of your stomach, and the gentle slopes of your hips. The hillsides of your chest, and the small mountaintop of your behind. I wish you could embrace all of your body, and love it the way I do.

Oh, my love, I wish you could simply see your beauty.

How can I convince you that the same body you hate is the one I absolutely adore? From your nose that wrinkles when you smile to your long and bony arms that embrace me perfectly, I love every part of your body, mind, and soul. If I could make one wish for you on this day, then I wish that you could see your beauty… because it’s everywhere.