I Wish You Felt The Same Way


You walked away from me once again.

You didn’t look my direction and just continue to go on your own path, paying me no mind. As if I didn’t just say good morning to you, as if we never joked around together, as if I have never made you laugh, as if we’ve never met. Usually, I’d wonder and make up scenarios in my head as to why you act the way you do. But today was different. I watched you walked away knowing full well I do mean nothing to you. I watched you walked away with no hope because I know all if it has died with every step that you took. But then a new hope arises. A new hope that I can start new, putting everything behind, learn from this experience and start living my life. I didn’t want it to end but that peaceful, non-stomach clenching feeling as I watched you walked away assures me that everything will be ok. The storm has passed and I am ready than ever to move on. I have a wonderful support system, a family that loves me, friends who always have my back and I am so thankful for all of this.

I wish it would have worked. I wish that somehow my feelings would be reciprocated and we could write our own story. I wish our feelings were mutual and despite the struggle it’ll bring the both of us, we’d fight them head on together. I wish you’d love me the way I love you. But you didn’t and there is nothing I can do to change that. It sucks but you can’t force a lion to love a horse. You’re attracted to a different kind of person and not me. There was beauty in the struggle, however. I didn’t lose myself along the way and didn’t try to mold in to someone else that I’m not just to pleased you. My sense of self-worth has never been so high. My confidence stands strong knowing that there is nothing wrong with who I am just because my piece of the puzzle doesn’t fit with yours. I was fine before I met you and I will be fine again. On to the next adventure life will brings me.