I Wish You Were Here


I wish you were here. I wish I could feel the warmth of your body against mine, embracing me, kissing me, loving me. I wish you could hold me, enveloping me in your strong arms as you whisper my name.

I wish you were here to soothe me through my storms. I wish you were here to guide my ship through the turbulent waters as the wind attempts to steer us off course. I wish you were here to stride into battle alongside me, holding my heart in your hands as we fight the struggles that threaten to drown us. I wish you were here to cut through the fog, to remind me that together, we will win the war.

I wish you were here to hold my hand through my trials. I wish I could feel your body close to mine, wrapping me in your warmth until all of my troubles fade away. I wish you were here to tame the emptiness in my heart, to ignite warmth and comfort, even as I struggle. I wish you were here to whisper in my ear, to reassure me of your love, to prove that you will always remain by my side.

I wish you were here to remind me that life will be worth the struggle. I wish you were here to show me that this pain is temporary, that in the near future, all that will remain is life’s beauty. I wish you were here to prove that the darkness will not consume me, that I will rediscover the light that radiates through my soul. I wish you were here to release me from the shadows, to heal the cracks in my heart as I search for wholeness again.

But all I can see is a shadow of you, a painful mirage that reminds me of all I lost as I linger in this shadow of myself. As I make out your outline against the morning fog, I wish for your presence, your heart holding mine, your hand resting in mine as we fight my demons together.