I Wonder If This Is Hello Or Is It Goodbye


Hello, do you know me?
I guess not
Should I blame you?
Or should I blame the distance?
Should I be angry?
Or should I understand?

Hello, can you hear me?
Probably not
Should I try to speak louder?
Will words even matter now?
Do you think it’s too late?
Or will silence forever be our cornerstone?

Hello, can you see me?
I’m not so sure
Am I still invisible?
Will you ever notice me?
And if you do, will you find me beautiful?
Or will you run away?
I got used to people leaving

Hello, who are you?
I don’t know if I know who you are
Maybe I too can’t hear you
And maybe I too can’t see you
Is trying even worth it?
Or is it better to forget?
If I know you, maybe it would be more painful
Maybe I would not like you as much
Maybe I would regret trying to fix things
Maybe it’s safer this way

Hello, do you even care?
Am I still on your mind?
Maybe it’s me
Or maybe it’s you
Or maybe it’s both of us
I would suggest we meet halfway
But when we do, will I have gotten so used to traveling alone
And loathe your company?
And if we meet, will it last?
Probably not

Hello, never mind,
Wrong number
Wrong address
Wrong person