I Wonder What We Could Become


I wonder what it would be like. What we could be. What would happen if we jumped and took a chance. If we saw no risks and flew headfirst into possibility. If we let go of fear, of what if’s, of ‘is this right’. What could we become?

I wonder what life might be. What we could create. What would happen if we felt all we spoke and took a chance. If we gave space to the potential we feel. If we allowed the vacancy to be filled. What could we become?

I wonder what I would feel. What we could feel. What would happen if we just…tried? If we let our hearts take the lead and allowed the overthinking to fall away. If we gave in to temptation and allowed the rules to lay. What could we become?

If all the messages, the daily check ins, the words we shared…if we gave them life and gave space to the possibilities, the potential between us. How would our life look? What could we share? I’d rather know then continue to question what if. To continue to imagine your body next to mine, the mornings shared over coffee, the shape of you around me at night. To continue to contemplate what you think of me, whether the words hold truth or whether the jokes are simply that…jokes. I’d rather know.

Because I don’t play games, I don’t like them. So I want to know, I’d rather know…what could we become? And if we become nothing, if this holds no weight, if all the words are all they’ll ever be..then at least we know.

At least we can let go and know….we tried our best. Because I am not interested in a second best, a settling of desires and needs, lust over love. I am here to share all I am with another, to chase the desires I hold and do so with someone the same. I am here to grow and to be grown. To love and be loved. To connect and be connected.

So if we are nothing more than the words we currently speak, then that’s okay- let’s not pretend we are more. But if anything within you questions what more we could be, then I hope those words you can speak. What could we become?