I Wonder Who Will Save You Now That I’m Gone


Did I hurt you with my farewell words?

You never said goodbye in return,

I tried to make a joke out of the situation,

But you never laughed, not even once, not even at all.

I couldn’t stop thinking all the way back, what a pity it was I never got to hear your laugh,

I feel the dampness on my sleeve from your tears I wiped away,

Is this where we were supposed to reach? A path that divides us at last?

Love lasts, but hearts don’t,

I wanted to last forever, or at least I wanted you to be there in front of me, laughing and pulling me by my arm, into the sunshine, away from the darkness that lingered in my being,

I wanted you to save me,

I wanted to do the same.

I wonder who will save you now that I’m gone?

I wonder who will save me now that I’m gone?

I can feel the sunlight disappearing behind the clouds,

I don’t think it’s going to appear anytime soon,

I want to see you, see you running through the sunshine, a sight to behold, something I want to hold, protect from the coldness of the world, but now I’m vulnerable myself.