I Work In An Executive Stadium Skybox—Here’s What Happened When The Asshole Of An Owner Got Drunk And His Team Lost


I worked at a football stadium for a year, in one of the privately owned ‘executive boxes’. Unsurprisingly the guy that owned the box was pretty stuck up, and having ‘his own waitress’ clearly appealed to his pathetic little ego. I endured a year of verbal sexual harassment from this guy, that I put up with purely because I was the oldest member of the waiting staff available and I didn’t want him near any of the younger girls. He complained about everything, from the food to the drinks to the box to the stadium. Everything apart from me, who was ‘just perfect’. All of his guests were constantly made uncomfortable by this, but no one said anything.

I put up with him right until the end of the football season. The stakes were high for this game, and he, as per usual was getting more and more inappropriate as the beer flowed. When you work in a private lounge/box at a stadium, while the game is on you clean up and re-set everything for when they come back in afterwards for dessert/coffee etc. Customers aren’t allowed to take drinks outside so occasionally he would come back in during the game for a mouthful of beer. I was polishing cutlery when I heard the door from the stands opening, and he came in and leaned up against the bar, drinking while I worked. I knew the game was going badly because it was up on the TV. He leaned in close to me, alcohol on his breath, piggy little eyes narrow, a snide smile on his lips to prove he thought he was being just hilarious and said:

“If we lose this game, I am going to come back in here, and I’m going to beat you.”

Suffice to say, I never served that box again.

(Oh and if you’re worried about the other waitresses, from then on the box was served by a different member of wait staff every match and he complained incessantly – I made sure EVERYONE knew what he’d said to me so no one ever paid any mind to his moaning).

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