I Would Give Anything To Be A Stay At Home Mom


“Wanna hear a joke?”

“Women’s rights.”

I would be the worst feminist. Don’t get me wrong; I fully believe in a solid attempt at full gender equality but seriously, how realistic is that? I absolutely think things like pay and job opportunities should be equal between men and women, and it sucks that it’s not but sexism is so ingrained into human nature that there is no way that’s changing any time soon.

If we’re being completely honest, I would give anything to have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom someday. It’s not because I’m lazy or entitled; in fact, I think stay-at-home parents are some of the most awesome individuals in the world today. They’re putting their family before advancing in their career, which is pretty rare these days. Maybe I’m biased, because I had a stay-at-home parent, but it’s no secret that there are countless benefits to stay-at-home parenting, for both parent and child. I want to be the perfect stereotypical homemaker, with the happy family and the white picket fence. I also may be stuck in the ‘50s but I’m totally cool with it. Basically I just want to be June Cleaver.

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that some women look down upon those that choose to stay home with their kids, making their home a positive and supportive environment. Not that that can’t be done with both parents in the workforce, but it’s much more difficult.

The beauty of women’s rights, and any rights for that matter, in America is that we get to CHOOSE what we want to do. If we want to stay at home, we can. If we want to go to work in a career we (hopefully) love, we can. I personally, want to do both and I will, because I can. But trust me, as soon as there are babies in the picture, I will be home with them as long as financially feasible. I think that is what a mother and a wife’s role should be. If you’re lucky enough to have a stay-at-home dad instead, more power to you (which I was, and it was AWESOME) but in our society, with the lack of gender alignment we still posses, usually that’s unlikely. It’s scientifically proven that women are better caregivers. Since Day 1 of human existence on this Earth, women have been “homemakers” in one way or another (we also kinda effed over everyone in the Garden of Eden so maybe our lack of rights for centuries was karma for that, but, ya know, shit happens).

We should be serving our husbands and children in the best way that suits our family; that’s just what families do, serve each other. Plus, if your man asks you to make a sandwich, and you don’t think he deserves that sandwich, should you really be with him? 😉 (Insert sassy-hair-flip-girl-emoji here).

The fact of the matter is, we are the “weaker sex” if that’s really how you want to put it, but I don’t think what qualifies us as such truly makes us “weak.”

We’re more emotional (however, that also makes us more emotionally intelligent) and we don’t naturally have the physical strength men do (let’s be honest, female body builders are gross and scary) because our bodies weren’t built the same so we could have the blessing of bearing children. Honestly, I’m willing to embrace these things (“weaknesses”) and maybe you should be too. Women have made some AMAZING strides in the last couple centuries, but some of us have taken it too far. Gone are the days where burning your bras at a feminist rally are an acceptable way to handle things. But seriously, stop doing that, you need those and they are expensive.

Also, sexist jokes are hilarious. Lighten up, have a chuckle, and move on with your life.