I Would Like To Break The Dicks Off All The Men Who Give The Streets A Name Where I Have To Take A Taxi


I walk to the back of the airplane
there are men on all sides sitting
I don’t like the way they look at me
I don’t even need to make eye contact to know I’ll stand a few isles back as I wait for the washroom sign to turn vacant
I feel vulnerable
my black tights hugging each inch of my thigh
my ass
I make eye contact with one of them
it’s hard not too
he leers at me
says something in Spanish to the man across from him
they laugh
have a good trip
they say
I reply
pretending to be sweet and naive
I know what you’re doing
I pass him
wanting to stab a fork in his eye
I feel his eyes linger on my body
just as when I walk to the immigration desk
I feel the three men who do not hide their stare
linger on me
god bless the Latino cultures for being in their bodies
for being the best lovers
there is much beauty to the primal culture down here
less mental health problems
less anxiety
more groundedness
in the US and Canada we fuck our brains in so many ways
turn into a bunch of heady anxious ill beings
but here
there is automatically a guard that shows up in my body when I land
it is not as safe to be a woman
and I guess it isn’t safe to be a woman in Houston either
because last night I was told not to walk 2 blocks
a woman
especially a woman like you
take a taxi
I would like to break the dicks off all the men who give the streets a name where I have to take a taxi
send them on a taxi to a hell where there is no redemption and you burn alive in the stares of women’s bodies you were never born to take.