I Write For Women Because I Want Them To Know They’re Important


I write for women.

I am sick and tired of all these people who try to point out and conclude that I write for you or about you. Let me get this straight. I don’t write about you, nor will I write for you. I don’t write for men who messed shit up and still have the balls to take credit and steal women’s thunder.

I don’t write for these arrogant douchebags who brag that if it weren’t for them hurting women, women wouldn’t be able to get out of their shell and start getting better. I am disgusted by guys who take pride the moment women finally let go of all the pain and start embracing their power. I am pissed off and this gets me to want to make myself crystal clear — I don’t write for you. These will never be about you.

I write for women.

I write to empower them — to remind them how capable they are of anything they put their mind and heart into. I write to reach as many women as possible who may be going through a pit they think they have no way out; to somehow be able to pass that hope that their time will come and that they’ll shine even brighter than the brightest star.

I write for all women who keep doubting themselves just because others would talk them down the moment they feel that these women are about to rise and slay the world – the moment these people start to feel as if they’re going be overpowered, giving them the very urge to destroy these beautiful and powerful women into pieces.

I write for all women trapped inside their own fears.

I want them to know that the only way they can get out of it is to confront it. I want them to know that they have their wings – they always have – and all they have to do is to spread those beautiful wings and fly their way to all the wonderful possibilities.

I write for all women who stopped believing in everything.

I write to remind them that their voices matter in this society; to make sure they know that they don’t exist just to sit silently in one corner – afraid that whatever they say might be used against them or might get them vulnerable to all these ridiculous judgements.

I write for all the girls who have dreams.

No matter how impossible or absurd these are for other people, I write to tell you there is no such thing as impossible. Not so long ago, I was that girl – enveloped with doubt I could ever get my dreams to happen. But, despite all the doubts, both from me and the people around, I managed to prove no one but myself wrong.

Everything is so damn possible, and you don’t need any approval from anyone to get there.

I write for women who continuously struggle to prove themselves to the world. I write to let them know it’s not necessary, because all they have to prove themselves to is their selves. I write to let them know they have the power to drop everything that makes them feel that they haven’t done anything right.

I write to empower all women. You deserve the spotlight. You are beautiful. You are capable. You are loved. You are powerful. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder.