If A Guy Is Weirded Out By Your Pubic Hair, Don’t Fuck Him


To be hairy down there or not to be, that is the question. — Shakespeare

I’ll be real, I don’t have a hard stance on pubic hair either way. For me, it depends on the weather, my budget, and how I happen to be feeling that day. I’ve Brazilian’d, shaved, left a cute landing strip, or gone au natural. It’s not something I stress over. Sometimes I’ve got hair down there.

And I’ve fucked plenty of times with it in full formation.

I don’t worry about it. You know why?

Because any man who is going to shame you for your body being in a natural state isn’t worth your time. And if he’s that uncomfortable with the (naturally occurring) specifics of your genitalia, I’m guessing he doesn’t know how to make you orgasm either. Seriously, men who are prissy about pubes are the type that A) won’t kiss you after you go down on them and/or B) think jamming their fingers in and out of a girl will make her cum.

I’m not saying don’t be clean. Be hygienic. Absolutely nobody wants to fuck a sweaty swamp monster. But this applies to both genders. And do you know how many times we’ve gone down on hairy men with dank ass balls? Ask any woman who sleeps with men – she’ll let you know. Spoiler: the answer is often.

Whatever you like is up to you. Different things make us feel sexy. Isn’t that wonderful? We’re not expected to be some cookie-cutter Mrs. Brady stereotype anymore. (Btw, Florence Henderson, the actress who played Carol Brady, was 100% a certified freak.)

The point is, never let the person you’re hooking up with dictate how you should feel about your body. Maybe you’re a naked mole rat. Maybe you’re growing a forest. It doesn’t matter. Neither of those things equal sexy. What you decide makes you feel the best is what matters. Sexiness stems from confidence.

And if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, tell them to put their pants back on, call an Uber, and go the fuck home. Because you’re hot as hell. And you don’t have time for anyone to body shame what The Lord or Dead Spirits or Genetics gave ya, capeesh?