If Each Season Was A Boyfriend



Winter is the full bearded lumberjack softy of your dreams. He doesn’t care if you’ve put on a little weight — your primary wardrobe is cozy sweaters and leggings anyway. He is warm, comforting and always down to cuddle. You spend many nights snuggled up underneath a blanket, watching bad movies. Everything is perfect, until his warmth starts to suffocate you. Maybe you want to go out every once in a while, but he would rather stay in. He wants to control where you go and what you wear. If he doesn’t get what he wants he becomes cold and punishing. Winter is exhausting.


Spring is the one your parents love. He is clean-cut and always seems to smell like fresh flowers. He is polite, considerate and smiles way too much. He is always talking about how change is a good thing while hinting at all the ways you need to change. He’s super motivated and ends every sentence with an exclamation mark. In the end, he’s a little too much for you to handle. One week he’s all smiles and the next he won’t stop crying. You never know how he’s going to react to something, and you can’t deal with it. Spring is chaotic.


Summer is two things: hot, and fun. He’s the type of guy who can go three days without sleep and still look like a 12/10. He parties way too hard but somehow his borderline alcoholism is charming instead of scary. He’s always down for an adventure and you’re surprised he hasn’t died during one of them. Summer makes you feel like a different person, like you can do or be anything. You are really into him but eventually the party has to end. You don’t regret your time with him and you will always have the memories. Summer is fleeting.


Fall is the one you’ve been waiting for. You like him immediately, and it’s not just because he looks like Dev Patel. It might be the way he’s warm without being suffocating and interested without being overbearing. He feels like a fresh start. He laughs at your jokes and opens you up to new ideas. You try to cherish every day with him because it’s all so wonderful. It’s different with Fall, you feel safe and loved for the first time. Fall is the one.